How to Apply for Wipeout Application Online in (2022)?

By | October 23, 2022

The most epic competition show in America has returned! The show’s casting has already begun, but you can still apply. You should not just be a lawful US citizen and 18 or more senior, but you should also be keen to devote a specific amount of time to film the play.

As the TV show is staged in Southern California, you ought to live there or be ready to go at your expense to be on the show. Then you should be open for shooting for three or more days, though these shots may not be successive. If you live a long way, plan to make a couple of trips to the Southern part of California at your own cost.

But first and foremost, there is the application procedure. It would help if you willingly made a profile with MysticArt Picture to be in the act. If they are partaking with you, you will be requested for your contact details and pictures of yourself and anyone else. However, the application will also request personal information from you, such as your level of physical activity and personality.

John Anderson and John Henson were the first hosts and remarked on the show first, with Jill Wagner acting as the “on-spot” correspondent. Vanessa Lachey served as a provisional journalist for a single season.

Scott Larsen and Matt Kunitz are the show’s developers and managerial producers. First, Endemol Shine was in charge of managing the show’s allotment. Then, sable Ranch in Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, north of Los Angeles, California, was entitled to film the show.

Wipeout Application Online

Eligibility Requirements for wipeout Application

It would be best if you were a legal citizen of the country United States.

If you want to participate, you should have a minimum of 18 years.

The participant should be a Southern California citizen or ready to travel to the Southern part of California at their own cost.

During the staging course, the participant must be open to shooting in the region of Los Angeles for roughly three non-consecutive days at their own cost. It includes more days to adhere to COVID-19 testing norms.

There are other requirements to be eligible.

How to Apply for a wipeout application online in 2022?

If you need to qualify for the wipeout application online, you should get to the casting and meet the eligibility requirements. Next to that, you should finish the application procedure.

Step 1: Go to the Wipeout application page at id=231.

Step 2: Head to the end and tap on the “Connect here to link” button.

Step 3: Type your “Age” to confirm whether you qualify for this program.

Step 4: Ultimately, document all of your contact info and get it saved.

Step 5: After that, tap on the “Agree” option.

Step 6: To make my profile, you should respond to the required question.

What are the Application Requirements?

If they are partaking with you, you’ll be requested for your contact info and images of yourself and anyone else. Nevertheless, the application form will also demand some personal info, such as your level of physical exercise and nature.

Even deeper considerations on health essentials may make the tasks more difficult for you. Now that you’ve presented your application, you’ll need to stay for the show to reach you. Overall, the application process should take no about 20 to 25 minutes from beginning to finish.

How to Check wipeout Application Status?

To apply, you must first create an account with MysticArt Pictures. After that, you can review the status of your application to participate on the same website.


With the new season of the Wipeout reboot broadcasting on TBS on Tuesday nights, we can only wish that production continues to ensure that the show is as secure as possible. If you want to know more about the show, click on


How much do you get paid to be on Wipeout?

One of the most noticeable changes was reducing the $50,000 cash prize for winning Wipeout to $25,000. Professional wrestler John Cena and humorist Nicole Byer are commentators on the show.

How long does it take to film one episode of Wipeout?

Each Wipeout episode takes about 4.5 hours to film. The show airs about three episodes in a single day. The editing process then takes 7-8 hours per episode.

Is the Wipeout zone inside or outside??

The last four or three competitors vie independently on a large barrier course within the studio called the Wipeout Zone, each trying to end the course in the shortest time possible, similar to the first round.

Do Wipeout contestants get hurt?

Contestants in Wipeout allegedly sign a waiver to compete, with players acknowledging that they may sustain a physical injury on the obstacle course. Because of the bizarre designs of the obstacles, such damages are practically guaranteed.

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