How to Apply for TFG Account Application (2022)?

By | October 22, 2022

“The Former Gentleman” is the brief of TFG. The term avoids mentioning former US President Donald Trump in online posts. On July 6th, 2022, Do you want to get a TFG card online?

You can go for the optional card(s) issued to a specific person(s) and related to your TFG Account. The stints will also apply to the optional card’s use (s). You will be liable for all transactions made with the secondary card(s), and all amounts will get deducted from your TFG Account.

You can employ your Card to purchase products and services at any TFG retail or online store. When you employ your Card in-store, you need to sign the sales coupon to verify receipt of the products and/or services. If your TFG Card is not present in the store, you will not be able to purchase your TFG Account. It will charge your TFG Account for your purchases.

TFG Account Application

What is TFG Account?

A TFG Account (also known as a revolving account) provides you with a set amount of credit to spend at any TFG brand, both online and in-store. This TFG Account is associated with a card in your name. A TFG Account is a revolving facility that will remain open as long as regular monthly payments are made.

Payment plans of 6 or 12 months are available, and your application is subject to an affordability assessment:

As long as your TFG Account is current, you will receive a 6-month interest fee. If your monthly instalment is not reflected by the 1st of the month, you will be charged interest the following month. Lower monthly instalments with interest get charged monthly.

Who is Eligible for TFG Account Application?

At the time of applying for the card, the individual must be more than age 18. Carry proof of income, such as a pay stub or a three-month bank statement. Proof of occupancy is shorter than three months old when applying for the card. A valid Smart card, South African ID book, or driving licence is necessary. You can apply for a TFG account if you’ve all such documents. 

How to Apply for TFG account application?

There are easy ways for a person to apply:

  • You can Whatsapp by tapping on the link:
  • You can reach the team on 0860834834. If you want to apply for TFG online, you need to go to any of our TFG-branded stores.
  • You can apply for TFG online by clicking: TFG Card Application. You can buy from any brand when you get a TFG card approved. There is a four-step application when you click on the below apply now button.

Contact details

Please double-check your contact information and notify us of any modifications via E-mail – [email protected]; Post – P.O. Box 6020, in Parow East, 7500; and phone number – 0860 834 834. TFG Credit Forensics can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 021 938 7415. TFG requests that you notify them when your personal information changes so that they can keep your information up to date. Contact Customer Service for assistance.


With a TFG store card, you can quickly and easily fix and set the latest tone, supplements, and homeware from any of our TFG stocks. Your purchases are charged to your account automatically, and you will receive a monthly statement. We hope you got all the info that you were searching for, including the application rules, eligibility, and contact details. For more info, reach out to 


How long does it take to open a TFG account?

We will need a finished application form and a replica of your ID book. We will then check your applied form and may ask for 1-3 months’ worth of evidence of income. We do not accept applications for accounts via Facebook or SMS.

How to open a TFG account online?

It is simple to apply for the fund because it can be done online. One can manage the bill online via the Sportscene or TFG websites. Account holders can take benefit of impressive offers such as coupons through the My TFG compensation system.

How does TFG work? 

You can employ your Card to purchase products and services at any TFG mart or online store. When you employ your Card in the store, you must mark the deals voucher to verify receipt of the products and/or services. If your TFG Card is not present in the store, you will be unable to make purchases on your TFG Account.

What does TFG stand for? 

“The Former Guy” is an abbreviation for TFG. TFG is used to avoid mentioning former US President Donald Trump by name in online posts.

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