How to Apply for SLMC Application (Complete Guide)?

By | October 21, 2022

The Sri Lanka Council of Health (SLMC) conducts ERPM in Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan inhabitants who have gained their medical credentials from medical schools oversea. The examination is required by Act No.16 of 1965 and Medical Ordinance Section 29(I)(b)(ii)(cc). 

In Sri Lanka, SLMC offers the following services to practitioners.

  • Applying for Pharmacist Registration 
  • Send a Notice for Request for files
  • Request for an Identity Card
  • Adding details of a respondent in the registrar
  • Application for a fair standing certificate

Previously, it was known as the Act 16 Examination. Prospects must bear an MBBS or comparable degree from a medicinal academy identified by the SLMC to entitle to this test. In addition, the candidate can appear for regional enrollment with the SLMC after giving the ERPM. Read the post if you have questions on whether you’re eligible for SLMC, how to register, and others. 

Apply for SLMC Application

How to do SLMC Registration?

To apply for SLMC membership, you must first register at Registration. It’s a fast process that should assume you less than sixty seconds. Once you have reported, you will obtain a mail with a linkage to your user portal. Please fill out the form with accurate information once you’ve logged in.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind. All marked fields are required and will remain red until fully completed.

Please remember that the medical council requires your full name, contact information, and personal information as it appears on official documents such as your birth certificate/NIC/passport. Also, please remember that keeping an email address is necessary for Registration with the SLMC.

How to apply for SLMC application?

If you want to apply to SLMC, head to official website. If you wish to register as a medical practitioner, you need to follow the instructions. If you apply for SLMC registration for the first time, you need to tap on the category you desire to use. Remember that as a candidate, you must furnish your full name, contact details, and personal info, as it seems on official documents such as your birth credential/NIC/visa.

  • Enter your email address for Registration. Keep in mind that having an email address is required to apply for Registration with the SLMC.
  • Enter your cell phone number. 
  • Enter the password.
  • You need to confirm and re-enter your password in the allocated space.
  • Click on the captcha image. 
  • Submit the form applying as a medical practitioner.

As a message appears, you need to signup using your email address. Then, you’ll get a verification code on your contact number. Enter the code and tap on submit.

What are the application Requirements?

  1. First, to prep for SLMC medical council, the respondent needs to be a Sri Lankan Citizen.
  2. The applicant should have a grade from a Medical or Dental institution or College identified by the Medical Council of Sri Lanka.
  3. A prospect who appeared for a Medical/Dental school on or after 10th April 2021 should have passed the GCE Advanced Level Examination.
  4. The Original GCE Advanced Level (A/L) Certificate issued by the Examination Authority and a clear photocopy of the same is required. Graduates who do not have the GCE A/L criteria as stipulated above but who have entered a Medical/Dental school before 10th April 2021 should provide a valid document for proof of entry of enrolment (admission) with the correct dates of access.
  5. The original degree credential, as well as a clear photocopy of it, are necessary. Please be aware that if you fail to provide your original diploma certificate, your application will be rejected.
  6. The original marks sheet or transcript with a clear photocopy is required indicating the date of entry to the course and the duration of training as an undergraduate.

If the result or transcript is in any speech except for English, an interpretation of the paper/s in English certified either by the Medical/Dental school or duly certified by the Sri Lankan High Commission or embassy in that country should be provided.


  • Students are strongly advised that it is a procedure that the applicants must complete before admission to a Medical/Dental school. 
  •  Prospects should have an MBBS or comparable degree from a medical institution identified by the SLMC to apply for this assessment.
  • The Medicinal Council of Sri Lanka (SLMC) steers ERPM in Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan residents who have acquired their medical credentials from medical schools overseas. This examination gets suggested by Act No.16 of 1965 and Medical Ordinance Section 29(I)(b)(ii). Earlier, SLMC was learned as the Act 16 Assessment. After giving the ERPM, one candidate can drive for regional enrollment with the SLMC.


We provided all you need to learn about the SLMC program, including how to apply for the same and check if you qualify. For more info, reach out to


How to check SLMC application status?

You can log in to your account at Type in your username and password to enter your user account. You’ll reach the user status interface, which has a couple of options, including:

  • ERPM exam approval
  • Reference number
  • Date of submission
  • Approval stage
  • Approval status

Upload files, AL certificate, Bank voucher, offer letter, and User photo. As you upload the necessary documents, click on the submission button. If you want to check the SLMC medical council application status, log in to the portal.

What are SLMC's contact details?

Monday through Friday, SLMC’s main office is open at 9.00 am and closed at 4.15 pm. 

You can dial 0717412222 to reach the SLMC medical council in Sri Lanka. Else, you can fax it to 94112674787.

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