Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy page of Last updated on 28-10-2022.

Privacy policies are created to give users insight into the website’s work. It will clear all your doubts and provide you with the satisfactory points the user needs to trust our website. You will also learn how your personal data, which we have collected, is used. Let’s get started with our policies.

Collection of Data

It is true; indeed, we collect the personal data of our users. However, the data may be the name, email, or any other things the user enters with their consent in our system to access our services. The user is the sole decider of whether they want to share the details with us or not. But if they choose not to share, they will be restricted from using our particular services and features.

About nonprivate Information

Apart from your personal and private information, our system also collects and stores some of your nonprivate Information. It mainly comprises your IP address and the lists of the things you see or visit through our website. It is done to adjust the required suggestion section as per your interest and need. This way, you will always see the most relevant services or features that you might want.

There are very vital reasons for collecting the user’s data. The given data by the user helps us improve our performance. We can regularly ask for feedback from our users based on this data. Overall, this vital Information enables us to provide the best services and the best user-friendly environment.

Also, the contact information the user will provide will be used to keep them updated with any new updates or changes.

Parental Control

The user below the age of 18 years must not submit their Personal Information to our website without their parent or guardian’s supervision. In any case, if a user below the age of 18 years accesses our website without parental consent, then our website will not be responsible for any kind of issue.

About Cookies

For those who do not know, cookies are small packets of data that get stored in the user’s system when they use our services. So, yes, we have cookies, which help us track the users’ visits. Although without the user, the cookies cannot be stored.

About Third Party

In some places, our site also contains some third-party references and links. We do not take any kind of responsibility for these parties. They all have their own unique and different policies from our website. Thus, it is advised to users to check the policies, terms, and conditions of these third parties too before accessing any data or following any link of such parties.

Also, the data and steps mentioned in the blogs are subject to vary or sometimes are completely different. It is because the third parties are in their own right to change the processes and system based on their desire and necessities.

Policy Alteration

We also clearly state that it is our right to change the policies whenever we see fit. However, we will also update the timing of the changes, and should you choose to continue with our services; then you will have to again accept our modified policy before the due date provided to you. In any case, if you fail to consent to our new policies, your access to our website services will be reverted.

Accepting our Policies

Finally, you acknowledge that you have read and willingly agree to all the policies that are mentioned above. Moreover, you will not be permitted to access and use our website if you do not accept our policies, terms, and conditions.

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In any case, if you are unsure of any policy or have any type of query regarding our website policy, you can contact our support team for assistance. After a satisfactory outcome, you may accept our policies and head over to our content to give it a read and fully use it.