How to Apply federal scholarship board online application?

By | October 15, 2022

There are several talented and intelligent students who have the ability to do something great for society but lag in the financial aid that they need to grow and prosper. To support such children in order to gain future benefits for their country, the Federal Ministry for Education of Nigeria provides necessary financial aid and supports a student to bloom.

The ministry works with the mission to take advantage of education to ultimately nurture the development of all Nigerian people and make them work at their full potential. Let’s explore this financial support a bit more, how you apply for it, what are the eligibility and much more.

Apply federal scholarship board online application

Who is Eligible for the scholarship application?

There is a particular criterion that every student has to fulfil before getting any kind of financial support from the ministry. Once the student holds all the necessary things to be eligible, they can then proceed toward claiming their scholarship. Here are the few things mentioned that almost every student fulfils.

  • Applicants have to be a full-time students.
  • They should be currently studying in Nigerian colleges or universities.
  • A student must be of the appropriate age.
  • They must hold the minimum required qualifications proof, whether that will be a degree or transcript.

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What are Application Requirements?

There are specific application requirements that one must present or fulfil before applying. 

  1. The applicant must be from Nigeria and is currently studying in any Nigerian school, college or university.
  2. They should carry the letter of admission along with their application.
  3. Applicants will also have to present their school identification cards.

How to Apply for federal scholarship board online application?

The application process has been made very lenient and understandable. Applicants can easily navigate through the application process. To apply for the federal scholarship, simply follow the given steps, and your application will be submitted successfully.

  1. Start with visiting the official website and complete the necessary form online. Applicants just have to add the essential personal and academic details there.
  2. Then submit the form and make sure that you keep a copy of it.
  3. Then attach the necessary documents and photocopies, and finally, your application will be successfully submitted. Now the applicant just has to wait for the outcomes.

How long does application Process Takes?

There is a standard procedure time that the Federation takes in order to select the righteous candidate for the scholarship. Now this time can vary from year to year. However, on average, you should get the result of your application in about two or three months. The result will be declared readily if all your documents and requirements are met.

Contact Details

Although the federation’s online system must work effectively, but still if there is a chance of any error or the applicants feel like talking to someone expert, then they can contact the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria through below mentioned details.

For any further enquiries or queries, applicants can follow this link – or you can even call on their registered phone number – 08035937427, 0912451675.


Are federal grants based on financial need?

Yes, almost all financial grants are based on the economic agents. Since most Nigerian people lag only in money which becomes a significant obstacle in their student’s successful path. Thus, the federal only helps with financial aid.

Can I apply for scholarships before being accepted?

No, it is impossible to apply for a scholarship before getting accepted to any Nigerian college or university.  It is so because while filling in the form, there is a need to copy a letter of admission. This letter is hard to get unless you have been selected for any Nigerian school.

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