June 9, 2023

The Economic Community of West African States has launched an internship opportunity that benefits the graduates in ECOWAS institutions. The candidate applying for the program should be below 35 years of age. 

It helps the youth explore job opportunities and programs in the ECOWAS. In addition, the interested candidates will be allowed to contribute to the departments, agencies, institutions, and representations of ECOWAS programs. 

Read this article to apply for this great opportunity and examine more about the ECOWAS internship application.

How to apply for ECOWAS internship 2022 application?

ECOWAS internship application

This program intends to provide a professional experience to the newly graduated via ECOWAS internship. It will allow graduates to contribute explicitly to the ECOWAS programs and learn about various sectors. Any individual can participate in the program if they have a graduation degree.

Here’s how you can apply for the ECOWAS internship 2022 application:

  • Navigate the ‘[email protected]://ecowas.int’ website. There you can find the application form. Or else, fill out the online form ‘www.ecowas.int’.
  • It will request details such as Name, Last Name, Active Email Address, and Contact Number.
  • The candidate also requires to fill in the relevant education details. 
  • Once you have answered every important question, click on ‘Submit.’

Once you complete the application for the ECOWAS internship, you must wait for their response. For any questions concerning the application, contact the ECOWAS support team at [email protected]” & “https://ecowas.int“. 

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What are the Application requirements?

The ministry at The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) wants to offer internship opportunities to young and graduated Nigerians. The program’s duration is 12 months. Candidates can renew their internship application for more than 12 months. 

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To apply for the ECOWAS internship, here are all the application requirements applicants must have:

  • Passport and travel documents allow candidates to travel to sixteen countries of ECOWAS.
  • The identity proof, e.g. National Passport. 
  • An Issuing Authority certificate. 
  • They should have an ECOWAS travel certificate with three colored passport-sized photos (4×4 cm).
  • The proof of age via Birth Certificate. 
  • The salaried employees must produce a letter of introduction from the manager. 
  • A letter of confirmation of Nigeria Citizenship. Applicants must collect it from the Local Government Chairman.
  • Post graduating students or trainees should compile a letter of introduction from their institutions. LOI should be accepted by Immigration Responsibility (IR).

Who is eligible?

Only people who fit the eligibility criteria for the ECOWAS internship application will be verified further. 

The internship helps graduates in their career development. If you have just completed your graduation and are excited to enroll yourself in this program, here are all the eligibility criteria:

  • The age of the applicants should not exceed 35 years.
  • Applicants must be ECOWAS citizens.
  • Submit a Bachelor’s, Ph.D., or Master’s certificate to state your educational qualifications. 
  • The eligible candidates must request the ECOWAS Commissioner for Human Development and Social Affairs (HDSA) for an ECOWAS internship opportunity. In the content of the request, the applicant must express the reason for their enrollment and the centers they are interested in.
  • You will only be eligible if you produce a National Identity Card and Passport. 
  • An identical copy of the academic or equivalent certificate. 

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ECOWAS internship provides career development to the candidates and offers them various perks. The African graduates will now get the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits the selected applicant will get:

  • The duration of the course is 12 months.
  • The applicants will get a monthly allowance of $500 within one year. It is offered to candidates pursuing an internship program in their own country.
  • If any candidate is willing to pursue the internship in other countries, they are eligible for an $800 allowance. Such candidates also get a return ticket from the country they are following the training. 
  • Comprehensive health insurance is provided to the intern. So, in case of an illness, your charges will be covered. 
  • Professional training to extract the potential of the applicant that boosts their career.

Contact details:

To contact ECOWAS for any questions or doubts, you can visit the ‘ecowas.in’ website. Then, go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and click on it. 

Enter your details, such as name, email, and phone. Then write your query. Select ‘Send Message.’ 

The contact team will get back to you and resolve your queries. You can even filter according to the countries that fall under ECOWAS. 

You can send additional details of your queries to the email address ‘[email protected]’.


Finding a stable and relatable job after graduation is a huge responsibility. Some people find it challenging to pursue their careers as they haven’t discovered their potential yet. Therefore, the ECOWAS internship program is an unprecedented step to help people find their field of interest. The program also helps in the development of personality and teaches professionalism.

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