How to Apply for EBR Magnet Application (Complete Guide)?

By | October 19, 2022

A renowned school franchise in Boston is, East Boston Rouge Parish School System has adopted an ingenious way to teach students. It is a public school that offers specialized programs to help children discover their potential. Here the student and teacher ratio is perfect, which allows tutors to give attention to all the students equally. Also, the quality of studies is advanced with the balance of extra-curricular activities. 

Apply for EBR Magnet Application

What is the EBR Magnet Program?

EBR Magnet school has introduced several programs, such as Elementary programs (PK3-5), Middle School Programs (6-8), and High School Programs (9-12). In addition, the programs are bifurcated further into schools. 

Let’s look at all the schools included in these programs.

  • Elementary programs (PK3-5): The elementary program consists of 9 elementary schools that offer high-level education to small children. It helps them discover their genuine interest from an early age only. The nine schools are Belfair Montessori PK3-8, Boston Rouge Center for Visual & Performing Arts K-5, BR Flaim K-5, Forest Heights Academy of Excellence K-5, The Dufrocq School PK3-5, Mayfair Laboratory School, Park Forest Elementary K-5, Villa Del Ray Elementary K-5, and Westdale Heights Academic Magnet K-5. 
  • Middle School Programs (6-8): If students have developed an interest in a particular stream from childhood, they can choose similar studies for their Middle School. It has nine schools such as Belfair Montessori PK3-8, Capitol Middle Magnet 6-8, Istrouma Middle Magnet 6-8, Mayfair Laboratory School, McKinley Middle Academic Magnet 6-8, Park Forest Middle 6-8, Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet 6-8, Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet 6-8, Southeast Digital Arts & Technology Middle 6-8, Westdale World Language Immersion Magnet 6-8, and Woodlawn Middle Magnet 6-8.
  • High School Programs (9-12): For this final level of education, EBR Magnet Program consists of 7 schools. The list of these schools is Baton Rouge Magnet High 9-12, Belaire Magnet High 9-12, Glen Oaks Magnet High 9-12, Istrouma Magnet High 9-12, Liberty Magnet High 9-12, Scotlandville Magnet High 9-12, Tara Cy-TECH Magnet Academy 9-12, and Woodlawn High Magnet 9-12. 

Who is eligible for the EBR Magnet Application?

Parents wish to admit their children into this prestigious education line because this education center aims at inculcating values and providing knowledge. So, let’s look at the eligibility requirements for the EBR Magnet Application:

  1. Elementary Eligibility: 
  • Applicants seeking admission in BR Flaim, Forest Heights, Mayfair Laboratory, The Dufrocq School (Academic), Westdale Heights, Park Forest, and Villa Del Rey are required to enter the screening process. They must submit their report cards or equivalent assessment. E.g., in BR Flaim, applicants must qualify for Math and ELA exams.
  • Belfair and The Dufrocq School (Montessori) do not require eligibility criteria.

2. Middle School Eligibility: 

  • Students applying to middle school programs should have a 2.5 GPA in the last four semesters.
  • For Honors Academy or Broadcast Communication (Istrouma), their GPA should be 3.00.
  • World Language learning students from Westdale school must have a 2.50 GPA.

3. High School Eligibility: 

  • Students opting for Creative Science & Arts, Academic, Medical, and Digital Arts, should have a 2.50 GPA based on the results of the last four semesters.
  • For Honors Academy or Broadcast Communication (Istrouma), their GPA should be 2.50.
  • For Scotlandville school’s studies of Academics and Engineering, the student’s GPA must be 2.50.
  • Finally, students of Cyber Technology have to pass the interview and be willing to participate in summer bridge programs. 

What are the application requirements?

The EBR Magnet School stands out from the crowd for offering world-class education to the students. Furthermore, they adhere to the 20 USC 168 and Section 504 laws and don’t discriminate against students based on age, religion, national origin, race, disability, or sexual orientation. 

EBR Magnet Schools comprises an innovative education system that has segregated public education. Students achieve greater academically. 

The application requirements differ according to the schools in the programs and their theme. 

  • Applicants must prepare themselves for the screening process to enter Elementary School. For academic subjects, they are required to give entrance exams. 
  • On the other hand, the Visual & Performing Arts Students seeking education in Belfair and Park Forest don’t need to qualify for the requirements.
  •  Secondary schools that offer admission in the themes such as Creative Science & Arts, Digital Media, Visual & Performing Arts, etc., should have a 2.50 GPA. 
  • In contrast, students from the academic themes should have a 3.00 GPA. The calculation of GPA depends on the last four semesters.
  • High Schools such as Belaire, Glen Oaks, Baton Rouge, Liberty, and Woodlawn in the Visual & Performing Arts must score a 2.50 GPA. The academic background schools like Istrouma, Scotlandville, and Tara should be ready for interviews and pass entrance exams. Their GPA must be between 2.50 and 3.00.

How to apply for an EBR Magnet application?

The admissions for the academic year 2023-2024 at the EBR Magnet School started on 3rd October 2023. Therefore, interested students should now enroll in the various programs they offer. All the programs consist of schools with different themes that help you select your dream subject. 

Before applying, here are a few things to remember:

  •  Applicants must carefully select a Magnet Program.
  • Thoroughly review the requirements for admission into the programs.
  • Children must possess an interest in the program.

Here’s how to apply for the EBR Magnet Application:

  • Navigate the ‘’ website.
  • On the home page, click on ‘Click here to apply. 
  • In the next step, parents need to create their IDs. 
  • Once done, fill out the application state and submit it in 3 days. 
  • You must attach the application’s signature page, proof of residency, and affidavit.


The EBR Magnet Programs are curated for students from all backgrounds. They not only specifically target students’ capabilities academically but also help them discover their true talent via extracurricular activities. So, your child will evolve and learn at this academy, which will help them flourish in the future. 


What is the EBR Magnet Application timeline?

The EBR Magnet Application admissions have begun on 3rd October 2022. The last date for application is 13th July 2023.

How to check the EBR Magnet application status?

The EBR Magnet application selection will be based on Priority Pool, Winter Pool, Spring Pool, and Extended Pool. Students selected in these pools will receive a notification in their emails.

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