How to Apply for dollar energy fund Application (2022)?

By | October 3, 2022

On April 19, 1983, a coalition of community and business leaders founded Dollar Energy Fund in Western Pennsylvania.

Since 1993, the Dollar Energy fund grew up to turn into one substantial hardship fund in the nation of Pennsylvania. It grew up to be the most extensive fund in West Pennsylvania. It has helped the low-income community for 39 years, providing more than $232 million in utility assistance grants to over 769,000 low-income families and individuals.

dollar energy fund Application

What is the dollar energy fund? 

People in Pennsylvania and West Virginia can access the Dollar Energy Fund.

The Dollar Energy Fund is obtainable to all users for free, nonetheless of service level, from March 1 to September 29. In 2022 and 2023, existing customers are qualified to apply for two grants per calendar year.

DLC Shareholders contributed an additional $1 million to assist customers in dealing with energy-related difficulties. Customers should seek assistance even if they got previously rejected owing to enhanced income guidelines.

Customers contribute to the Dollar Energy Fund grant (DEF), which aligns with the Peoples. It gives grants to people on fixed or low incomes. You ought to fulfill the following standards to qualify for a DEF grant:

  • Your gas service has been turned off or is about to get turned off.
  • Within the last 90 days of applying for the grant, you must have made an ample trust payment on your account.

What does the dollar energy fund do?

Through partnerships with the Metropolitan utility dept and Omaha Public Power District, Dollar Energy Fund provides help to families with low income in Nebraska. With many households facing pandemic-related financial hardships and higher utility bills from winter usage, the assistance provided by Dollar Energy Fund’s partnerships with OPPD and M.U.D. provides a lifeline for those in need. Customers may be eligible for funds applied to their utility bill directly. This plan is meant to complement what is available through federal, state, and other initiatives.

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How to Apply for a dollar energy fund Application?

Step 1

Make an appointment with the CBO that linked you. Each division has its own terms of working hours. Use an Agency Finder to locate more active groups in your area.

Step 2

If you want to qualify for dollar energy funds, fill out the form using the help of the CBO information provider. The CBO will present the registration form to Dollar Energy Fund once it gets done. On average, papers get processed within two business days of request.

Step 3

If you qualify for the grant, the dollar energy funds will get deposited into your utility invoice within five to six weeks. If the branch doesn’t back the request, you will be informed in a report by mail on the same day your application gets processed.

Step 4

You need to follow up on your regular utility expenditures. The Dollar Energy Fund grant will not substitute your regular monthly payment.

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What are Application Requirements?

Bring all necessary information to your CBO appointment. You will require the following documents and info:

  • Names of all in your family
  • Birthdates of all in your family
  • Proof of earnings all in your family
  • A duplicate of your most recent electricity bills
  • Your account number for utilities
  • All payments made in the last three months should get registered.

Who is Eligible?

If you want to qualify for a dollar energy fund grant, you need to do the following:

  • Provide proof of your household’s monthly income (Federal Income Guidelines apply).
  • Patrons whose revenue is at or less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Policies need to lay LIHEAP support when using Dollar Energy Fund.
  • Make a payment of at least $50 (or one CAP payment) within 90 days of submitting your grant application. You will have to supply your payment evidence (s).
  • The dollar funds will not be subject to minimum balance requirements in 2022 or 2023.
  • One needs to provide the Social Security numbers of all household members.
  • Your account must be for a single-family home or apartment.
  • You must be an adult who is currently residing in the home.

Low-income families and individuals who struggle to afford adequate gas, electric, or water supplies to meet basic living standards for their household can apply for Dollar Energy Fund assistance and tangible aid.


Despite the fact that much altered since 1983, many characteristics of the Dollar Energy Fund remain untouched. The majority of the grant comes from confidential offerings and corresponding utility stakeholder credits; each Hardship Program application gets reviewed separately. The qualifying clients and mission of assisting neighbors in need remain one of the top priorities.

As the Dollar Energy Fund grows, so does the need for utility grants. Dollar Energy Fund keeps operating to accomplish its objective of aiding families to achieve self-sufficiency.

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