How to Apply for Cook County Pilot Program Application?

By | October 16, 2022

On Thursday, the application portal for the Cook County Promise Guaranteed Income Pilot program opened, allowing Cook County residents to apply for $500 monthly payments for two years.

The American Rescue Plan Act provides $42 million in funding for payments sent to 3,250 residents over two years.

Applicant must be a Cook County resident, at least 18 years old, and have an income at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

How to Apply for the cook county pilot program application?

Cook County Pilot Program Application

You’re requested to go through the 2022 Confirmed Payment Management doc or PDF, the 2022 confirmed earnings Outreach and In-Person form service summary PDF, and any other reports needed to apply for the same.

Draft your application, as well as any mandated or supplemental documents. Do it by downloading the installment management Partner fund application word file. Also, download the Outreach and In-Person Application support Partner Grant Application Word Document. It includes the connected insured budget template for the pay associate application. Respondents may offer their elaborate reactions directly in the application file supplied. Otherwise, they can form a distinct doc with solutions to all quotes and inquiries. Completed applications may be submitted in Word or PDF format.

Use the links on the official site to present the application record and access all mandated papers in time. Be sure you get all your papers ready to present; you will not be able to hold an application in progress.

Most individuals can finish the process in no more than half an hour. Nevertheless, if you need help completing the application, you can go to an application assistance partner. Their titles, discourses, contact numbers, and hours of function all get recorded on the Cook County Pilot site.

What are the Application Requirements?

Applications will be accepted between October 6, 2022, and October 21, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. CT.

You will be asked questions about yourself and your life experience during the application process.

You will also be asked to provide an email address or mobile phone number so that we can contact you and keep you updated on the status of your application. If you do not have an email address or a mobile phone number, we recommend that you provide contact information for a trusted family member, friend, or organization who can notify you when your application is updated.

The application will require you to upload a government-issued photo ID.

You will be asked to provide a selfie if you do not have a photo ID (a picture of yourself that clearly shows your face). This can be uploaded or entered directly into the application form. If you cannot provide an ID or a selfie, you will be required to attend an application assistance event to apply in person.

Your application may also include documents proving your Cook County residency and household income. We encourage you to submit these documents if you have them at the time of your application. If you do not have these documents when you apply, It will not affect your eligibility for the pilot or your chances of winning the lottery; however, you may be asked to provide these documents at a later date for us to verify your eligibility. Following the submission of your application, you may receive texts or emails from GiveDirectly and AidKit following up on your application and requesting additional documents.

If you are poor and homeless and do not have a document proving your Cook County residency, you will be given alternative options to verify your eligibility.

Who is Eligible for Cook County Pilot Program?

Approx 36% of Cook Area residents will be entitled to apply. You can benefit from it if you are 18 years and older; you can apply directly if you reside in County and your take-home pay is below or equal to 250% of the federal poverty line.

Another secure income pilot program is increasing funding to you and nobody else in your family. This includes the City of Chicago’s Resilient Community members pilot program. Staff members of the county and their dependent family members are not eligible to apply for this assistance.


On a large basis, an initiative like the Promise Pilot will provide financial stability and freedom to thousands of families, almost all for the first time in their lives, and it has the ability to alter the route of families and communities, as indicated by the multitude of direct cash research studies since the 1960s. For the next 2 years, the County Pilot program Income Support Pilot could provide 3,250 Cook County Local residents with $500 quarterly cash payments with no long-term commitment.


How to Check Cook County Program Application Status?

 The research team will only contact you if chosen randomly and provide your approval to be notified of your proposal.

All entrants should have earned a status report via SMS or email within the first week of June. If you didn’t receive or cannot detect the GiveDirectly alert, you could view your application and selection status at If you were chosen to participate in the pilot, you might be required to submit additional paperwork or schedule an in-person appointment to complete your enrollment.

Please adhere to the directions on GiveDirectly.

You may be selected randomly to participate in the research study even if you aren’t picked at random to receive cash benefits.

The Inclusive Economy Lab at Chicago University is conducting the study, which will aid the city and other policymakers in better comprehend the effects of cash benefits.

What are the Application Deadlines?

Applications will be accepted from Thursday, October 20, to Friday, October 21. While applications are currently open, county officials have stated that there is no benefit to applying earlier in the application period and that the program’s final participants will be chosen randomly.


We provided all you need to learn about the cook county pilot program, including how to apply for the same and check if you qualify. For more info, reach out to

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