Apply Cook County Guaranteed Income Program Application

By | October 20, 2022

The Bureau of Economic Growth (BED) searches for grant proposals from institutions that can provide the necessary range of services to help the Cook County Promise Income Support Pilot. The District is looking for a Billing Administration Partner and an Awareness and In-Person Application Assistance Partner (s). In addition, the County will bring on many program collaborators and supervise and collaborate the scheme with all selected agencies.

The Outreach and In-Person project Assistance Associate(s) will be liable for driving across-the-board, affordable, and culturally thoughtful outreach to stress and hard-to-reach residents about the Cook County Guaranteed Income scheme, as well as delivering in-person application service in a minimum of seven suburban and five metropolises of Chicago brick-and-mortar sites.

Apply Cook County Guaranteed Income Program

What is Cook County Promise Program?

The application outlet for the Cook County Promise Ensured Income Pilot schedule flared on Thursday, permitting Cook County locals to prep for monthly charges of $500 for a couple of years.

The American Relief Project Act supplies $42 million in grants for payouts to be shipped to 3,250 citizens for two years.

Applicants must be Cook County inhabitants, minimum of 18 years old, and earn an income equal to or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

Applications will get taken from Thursday, October 20, to Friday, October 21. While solutions are currently open, commissioners have stated that there is no additional benefit to implementing earlier in the application process and that the County will pick the project’s final respondents at random.

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How to Apply for cook county guaranteed income program application?

Please scan the 2022 Ensured Income Installment Administration Preview Doc, the 2022 Safe Income Outreach and In-Person Application Support Preview Doc, and any other files needed to submit the application.

Respondents can start preparing their proposal, along with any essential or supplementary papers, using the Payment Administration Fiance Grant Proposal Word File or the Awareness and In-Person Application Assistance Partner Grant Application Word Document. It includes the subsequent Guaranteed Income Partner Application Budget Template. Candidates may send their descriptive responses directly in the application form provided, or they may create their own document which contains responses to all segments and queries. In addition, complete forms may get presented in Word or PDF format.

To present the application paper and access all necessary application papers in time, use the links on the official site. 

What are the Application Requirements?

Requests for the Cook County Promise Initiative will be acknowledged from October 7, 2022, to October 21, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. CT. You will also be requested to enter an email address or mobile number so that officials can notify you and send notifications about your proposal. If you do not have an email account or a cell phone number, it is good for you to provide the contact details of a trusted person, acquaintance, or company who can notify you when your request is updated.

All applications must be submitted online via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Respondents can post all documents from a smartphone or tablet as photos. Unfortunately, you can’t apply on paper. Citizens who do not have access to a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or wifi connection are encouraged to go to an application assistance partner for support in processing their application. The Cook County Promise site shows places and hours.

Who is eligible to apply for the Cook County Promise Program?

Applicants must be grown-ups from Cook County and be income-eligible (family earnings at or less than 250% of the nationwide interest policy). Also, they should not get recorded in any other secure payment endeavors for the course of the Cook County pilot, which will stay for about 24 months. Unlike most of Cook County’s procedures outlined and program, respondents from the metropolitan area and the suburban areas will be invited to apply and take part.

Nevertheless, a large section of the participants will come from the suburbs. Project attendees will get picked via a lottery as the application window locks.

The pilot scheme is available to all Cook County locals, nonetheless of immigration standing. Plus, respondents will not get directed to disclose their status of citizenship. Nevertheless, families that are already enrolled in an insured pay pilot scheme, like the Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot or Evanston’s Guaranteed Income Pilot, are ineligible to benefit from the scheme. Workers of Cook County are also not eligible for the scheme.


The pilot will get supported through the American Rescue Plan Act. It is part of the county’s $1 billion acquisition to “enable a sustainable, reasonable, and equitable destiny for townies,” according to the news forum.


How do I apply for cook county $500 a month?

Respondents must finish the application on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone with internet access. Attendees must also enclose their email and/or cell phone number to involve and get reached by GiveDirectly for further info.

 Applicants will be inquired to enter an email account or a cell phone number during the application procedure so that the officials can contact them for updates on the proposal. Besides, entrants will be required to submit a photo ID issued by the government. To qualify for the same, you may produce a selfie (a picture of yourself that displays your face). In addition, entrants may get asked to furnish records verifying their id, address, and average earnings after that.

Each household can only have one representative in the Promise Income Support Pilot.

How to Check Application Status?

All applicants should have received a status update in the first week of June via email or SMS. If you are yet to receive a notification or cannot discover the notice from GiveDirectly, you can view your application and selection status at

If you were chosen to participate in the pilot, you might be required to submit other paperwork or plan an in-person meeting to terminate your registration. You’re requested to heed the GiveDirectly instructions.

If you are not chosen at random to receive cash assistance, you may still be selected at random to participate in the research study.


Submitting an application will not affect your current public perks. If selected, your relatives will cooperate with the program’s administrator, GiveDirectly, to evaluate any possible impact on the general populace benefits you receive. If you recognize the consequences of your benefits, you will be able to sign up. Enlisting for pilot funds will have no impact on most public benefits. However, a current table of how this may affect some benefits is attached.

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