How to Apply for SITESA Scholarship (2023) Application?

By | October 29, 2022

For the Scholarship Recognition that will hand out in 2023, the National Scholarship department (NSD) of SITESA announces. It requests proposals from Solomon islands residents only. The Solomon Islands government funds these scholarships to provide its people with the skills. It’s necessary for the country’s economic and social development. 

The Scholarship Fact sheet is available to all candidates through this website’s online submission process.

It lists the specifics of the available spots for each category. It tells you about the locations of academic institutions.

Apply SITESA Scholarship Application

Who is Eligible?

SIG Scholarship applicants must meet all of the eligibility requirements noted below.

Before proceeding, complete the eligibility checklist.

  • Are you a Solomon Islands citizen?
  • Do you meet the least scholastic needs for the apprenticeship you’re applying for? (See the SIG Scholarships Policy and Procedures Guidebook for more knowledge.)
  • Are you laying for a span and domain of contemplation at an academy that is a component of the National apprenticeship scheme?
  • Are you currently the recipient of another scholarship?
  • Are you willing to return to the Solomon Islands after completing your scholarship for two years?
  • Will you stay focused on your studies while on scholarship?
  • Are you fluent in the language of instruction in the country where you will be studying?
  • Have you ever been let go of a SIG?
  • Are you genuine and law-abiding?
  • Have you read and comprehended the SIG Scholarship money Policy and Procedures Handbook, and do you accept the conditions of a SIG Scholarship?
  • Scholarship applicants must be working in service.
  • Are you currently working?
  • Do you have your employer’s authorization to apply for a scholarship?
  • Will your course of study prepare you to begin working after you complete your studies?
  • Age limits for applicants

If you want to go for a SIG scholarship, have the qualifying age.

  • Certificates, graduate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees are available.
  • Pre-Service Scholarships for Individuals Under 35
  • Scholarship for In-Service Teachers – 45 and Under
  • In-Service Public Sector Scholarship for People Under 45
  • Masters and Ph.D. candidates
  • Master’s degree – 50 years old or older

What are the Application Requirements?

You must fulfill all sections of the online form. Plus, include all relevant documents listed below. Attach Each replica of each supporting documentation to this online application.

Just use the checklist below to ensure you’ve provided all of the necessary documents and information. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

False or false records will be viewed as a form of forgery and will be turned down. The fellowship will be rescinded when it is later discovered that incorrect or deceptive data was contained in the proposal.

A certified copy of your birth certificate or the personal information page of your passport

A certified copy of each completed secondary/tertiary qualification’s graduation and/or completion certificates.

  • A current passport-size print that has been approved
  • A passport size take photo that has been approved
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate or the personal information section of your passport
  • A certified copy of each finished backup qualification’s graduation and/or completion certificates.
  • All educational outcomes or transcribed must be accredited.
  • A copy of the vaccination card that has been certified
  • A letter of support from your legal spouse (for married applicants).
  • Scholarship applicants must be in service.
  • A current curriculum vitae that includes information about your academic background, job skills, and work experience.
  • A copy of most latest job description
  • Your employer’s completed and signed approval

In addition, it needs you to review a couple of things.

  • Are you a citizen of the MP’s neighborhood
  • Is it a Solomon Islands national?
  • that year’s Solomon Islands Tertiary and Abilities Schooling Workout Schedule
  • Must have earned the requisite GPA for the chosen course of study.
  • If you are currently a self-sponsored student, you must submit academic transcripts to show that you are making satisfying student achievements for this study.
  • Has not previously held a scholarship for post-secondary education (SIG Scholarship or other scholarship) within the last two years.
  • A SIG Fellowship has not been revoked.
  • Applicants should only apply for the Pre-Service Scholarship categories.

How to Apply for sitesa scholarship 2023 application?


To use the system, you must first register. During the registration, you need to submit the following piece of information:

1. A working email address

2. A recent passport-sized photo of yourself

To log in, click the button that appears on the website’s banner. You will be rerouted to the login screen.

1. If you already have login details, you can log in normally using your username and password.

2. If you haven’t already registered, click the link in the bottom right corner of the login window to do so.

3. After clicking the registration number, you will be taken to the registration form.

4. After entering all of the required information, click the ‘Create New Account button.

5. You will be instantly tried to log into the system and able to begin applying for scholarships

The deadline for all applications is November 30th, 2022.


It prevents processing overlap and guarantees prompt scholarship disbursement to students. It aims to harmonize various scholarship programmes and standards while also building a transparent database of scholars. The recipients of the scholarships are qualified students through Direct Benefit Transfer.


If you have an incomplete application, you can continue it by clicking the button.

There are five (5) scholarship categories in the Online Scholarship Application: Pre-Service, Pre-Service Voter base, In-Service Government Sectors, In-Service Private Sector, and In-Service Teacher. Each fellowship category is divided into subsections to make it more workable and less cluttered. For example, we can divide the process or steps of the internet scholarship application into two categories: pre-service and the in.

Bear in mind that all of your private info already gets entered while enlisting.

The overview processes for Pre-service are the physical function for Or before (Form 3, Form 5, Form 6, Form 7 school-based, and Form 7 upgrade) and pre-service constituency application.


What is the Application Deadline?

Beginning in May or June 2023, NSD 2023 application forms will be available.

How to check Sitesa Application Status?

When you log in, you’ll notice some information menus on the correct side of the website.

The My Account bearers menu is one of the most valuable. You will find a link to begin your application or to edit the information you provided during registration.

Click the button to release your application.


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