June 8, 2023

KPA announced the internship vacancies on 25 October 2022 for fresh graduate and university students; how to apply? The KPA (Kenya ports authority) is known for fresh graduates and university students who want to apply for the annual internship program.

KPA internship program 2022 offered an internship for 12 months to new graduate students. This internship program is open to all students, no matter what subjects they take during their university studies.

Kenya ports authority receives the application of recent graduates and university students for the internship program for 1 year. It has been underlined by the Kenya ports authority that only applicants under the age of 35 years are allowed to fill out the application for the KPA internship program. No other internship program is indeed better than the KPA.

Kenya ports authority has been operating in Lamu, Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi, Shimoni, kiunga, vanga, funzi, and the waterway inland port of Kisumu.

People are aware of the KPA internship program because it has come with many benefits, as it gives the opportunity to students having no experience to gain a huge experience by working as an intern at Kenya ports authority.

Read the complete article to know the basic to advanced information on Kenya internship application, including eligibility, how to apply, a document required, etc.

Apply for KPA Internship Application

Who is Eligible for KPA internship application?

  • Applicants of more than 35 years of age are not allowed to fill out the KPA internship application.
  • The applicants must have graduated but have no experience.
  • This internship program is allowed for graduates who have completed their degree or course in the last 24 months.
  • The candidates who are applying for the KPA internship program do not participate in any internship program before
  • Interested candidates must have good communication skills in order to become eligible for the KPA program.
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What documents are required?

All interested applicants must submit their academic or university-related documents with the KPA application form. Here is the document you should submit for KPA online internship application

  • You must have copies of your academics diplomas
  • You must find handy copies of the transcript
  • You must have the other documents related to their academics or university grade.

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How to Apply for KPA Internship 2022 Application?

The Kenya ports authority allows you to fill out the KPA internship application form online, with the help of an official website, for the application process. Here are some steps you should follow to fill out the KPA internship application online.

  1. The interested applicant has to visit the official Kenya ports authority website.
  2. On the official website, you can get the complete details of all internship programs offered by KPA.
  3. First, you must choose the specific internship program at the official website on which you want to apply.
  4. Then tap on the given option “apply” here.
  5. Here, the KPA internship application form appears in front of you. Fill the all accurate details in the given field in the application form shown on your screen.
  6. Cross-check all the detail filled in by you in the KPA application form and then attach the scanned documents with this form.
  7. The document attached to the KPA application form are copies of transcripts, academic diplomas, or other documents.
  8. Then tap on submit

This is the simple way to fill out your KPA internship application online at the official site. After your submission of the internship application, the Kenya ports authority will receive your application and create a shortlist of candidates who will be hired under the KPA internship program.


There are many benefits to filling out the application for the KPA internship program 2022. If you want to apply for this internship program, then you must know about its benefits.

  • It has come from the employee’s reports that this government organization is the best place to work and earn a good amount of income.
  • If you are applying for the KPA internship program 2022, then it means you are trying and doing your best to make your chance to get better remuneration.
  • Further, all job vacancies at Kenya ports authority are rationed properly for employees so that the employees do not need to do extra work than the work assigned to them.
  • The best thing about the Kanya ports authority is that it gives a decent working environment for an intern who is hired under the KPA internship program.
  • In simple words, submitting the application for the Kenya internship program give your a great chance to get the high paid jobs, even in the beginning as an intern, but in the future, it has a wide scope to do the job under the Kenya ports authority.
  • Even if you are recently complete your graduation, and have no experience, then also this internship program is the best fit for you.
  • Kenya ports authority allows you to get the experience by working some time as an intern under the KPA internship program.
  • Another best thing is that the worker having high experience at Kenya ports authority are friendly nature with the interns. They are always ready to assist the intern whenever they need. 
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KPA ( Kenya ports authority) program is considered a reliable program when it comes to providing port services in Kenya. However, the KPA internship program 2022-23 has been announced by Kenya ports authority. Well said; the application for massive internship recruitment has been commenced according to the proper schedule.


How long do internship applications last?

The application will no longer be accepted after the scheduled deadline. All the applications of interested candidates will be received by the Kenya ports authority career portal till 11 November 2022. Keep in mind that only the applications of eligible candidates are approved.

What does KPA stand for in salary?

KPA stands for key performance areas for salary. KPA is found in jargon puzzle conjunction with and used interchangeably with KRA. The KPA refers to the overall scope of activities performed by individuals or employees. 

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