How to Apply for Hustler fund Application (2022)?

By | October 28, 2022

In the time released before the elections, the president, William Ruto, proposed the Hustler funds. The full name of this fund is KSH 50 billion hustler fund. Currently, the president has assured that funds will be announced during the campaign that will be operating in December 2022.

The government announcements are committed to giving loans to small-scale and large-scale companies. This fund under the loan is provided to companies at a single-digit interest rate without any need to show the collateral. This funds especially give attention to small ventures and businesses run by women.

Beneficiaries use the hustler fund loan to improve their business. It is suggested to applicants to remember that government will not provide them with money for free. Similar to another loan, interested candidates must ensure the eligibility criteria of hustler before applying online.

This blog derives the complete information on hustler funds, including their meaning, way to apply, eligibility criteria, application requirements, benefits, etc. 

Apply for Hustler fund Application

What is Hustler Fund?

This fund is the type of loan provided to small and large firms to improve their business. It will be going to launch on 1 December 2022. All the Kenyans, who the money lenders blacklist will also remove from the eligible candidate list before 1 December.

People always suggest not to consider this fund program as a free fund by governments. Like the other type of available loan, you have to repay all the amount with applicable interest to the government. The best thing about the hustler fund is that government provides the fund amount without any collateral.

But interested candidates need to meet the eligibility criteria and other requirements to benefit from hustler funds.

How to Apply for Hustler fund application?

Here we are going to tell you the application process for getting access to Hustler Funds. If you want to apply for the hustler fund program, you must read the given easy points.

Step1: Application process

It will consist of the submitting of your application form for hustler funds. It then undergoes business vetting and business proposals to confirm if you are eligible to take the funds under the loan.

Step 2: Review the limit

In the limit review section, the charge team reviews the application. It will allocate the limit based on the candidate’s ability.

Step 3: Disbursement

After you allocate the limit, the disbursement in the hustler funds process is done and sent to your mobile money wallet.

Who is Eligible?

Every Kenyan is qualified to fill out the application for hustler funds. All Kenyans are eligible to get the benefits from the hustler funds.


You should know the requirements before applying for the fund program.

  • The interested candidate must have the permanent Kenyan resident
  • The applicant must have a good conduct certificate.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to belong to the low-income bracket group if they want to apply for the hustler funds.
  • It is also mandatory for interested candidates to must be part of investment groups and credit societies.


There are some benefits of applying to hustler funds. If you want to apply for hustler and get benefits from them, you should know about them.

1. Low rate of interest

This fund promises to provide a low rate of interest than commercial institutions such as banks. According to the president, they also define the interest rates in the single digit. It can be only less than 10%.

2. Each Kenyan is eligible.

In this scheme, every Kenyan are eligible to fill out the application and get access to funds.

3. Convenient access

You can easily send the hustler funds to your mobile money wallet. It can not only make the experience convenient but also make the fund process efficient for you. It will make it easier for users to access their funds without needing a bank account.

4. Flexible timelines for payment

If you take the hustler funds, you have to pay all the amount back with interest. It will be flexible too. Most people will start to repay the money with interest once they get the profits from their business.

5. No requirement for security

Getting access to a loan from the hustler fund will not need you to have security. The hustler fund scheme makes accessing the funds easy for all Kenyans who lack security.


The Hustler funds offer the credit product to small-scale businesses on digital platforms at fair prices. The president has said that all the borrowers on the platform can participate in long-term pension programs and short-term savings plans.


How long does the application process take?

The hustler fund is ready to be available for Kenyans by December 2022. When these funds are available from December, it is only after knowing how much time the application takes to proceed.

How to Check Hustler Fund Application Status?

Visit the official portal of the hustler funds application. Go to the section of the application, and click on application status. Fill in your details, and your application status for hustler have appeared in front of you.

Do I need to pay back the Hustler Fund Amount?

The Kenyans who take the hustler funds must pay back all the amount with the applicable interest rates. The only fact is that they do not face difficulties while paying back all their money because low-interest rates are applicable.

What is the Interest Rate?

Interest rate is the rate of interest that applies to the amount you take from the hustler funds. The final number of the interest rates is not disclosed yet, but it can be determined that the interest rate applicable to hustler funds is single digit only.

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