How to Apply for Survival Fund Application (2022)?

By | October 15, 2022

Want to fill application for the survival fund program 2022? Many people are waiting for the time when the survival fund program’s next registration form will be released.

 Survival fund helps to mitigate the pandemic effects. The survival fund aims to improve the economy by preserving the current employees and adding new ones. They set the goal to assist the micro, small, and medium business with onboarding, digital registration, and management for the survival fund program. 

Here we outline the necessary information and related guidelines to help you obtain the next registration form. 

This article will tell you how to apply for a survival fund, who is eligible, what the benefits are, what the requirements are, etc. People who are registered to this program are only able to access the benefits. You can easily obtain the registration form if you read the complete article.

Apply for Survival Fund Application

Who is Eligible for the survival fund application?

The survival fund aims to assist Nigeria’s micro, small, and medium-scale businesses. All the businesses under the three categories are eligible to fill out the survival fund application 2022. The business that is eligible for survival fund are classified as follow as

  • Education ( Private school): Schools owners who want to get funds to pay the whole staff and carry out the various things that need the funds. 
  • Hospitality: People who own registered motels, hotels, fast food, restaurants, eateries, etc., are eligible for survival funds. 
  • General ( All fields): Any business registered with a CAC certificate is eligible to get survival funds to boost their business. 

Self-employed like taxi drivers, mechanics, bus drivers, ride-share drivers, electricians, plumbers, and artisans are all eligible to get benefits from survival funds. 

What are the Application Requirements?

Applicants should take note of survival fund application requirements for a fund grant. Check the following thing you have before applying for the survival fund application. 

  • You should be a resident of Nigeria.
  • You must carry your verified bank registration number
  • You have to register with the Corporate affairs commission (CAC)
  • You must have the indigenous business¬†
  • You should have at least 10 businesses, active staff on payroll, and 3GO

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How to Apply for Survival Fund Application?

The online portal for survival fund application is currently open. The application process for survival funds is pretty simple. Here are some steps that will help you apply for a survival fund. 

Step1: Register

To become part of the federal government survival fund scheme, you must register with your personal information and business through the official portal. You have to submit the basic information, such as CAC registration information, to proceed with this. 

Step 2: Onboard

On registration, activation codes are sent to your registered number. You have to enter the activation code to make your account activated. Once registered completely on the platform, you must do the onboarding process by adding the employee, organization, & bank details. 

Ensure that your registered mobile number is activated and that you remember the password that you use 

  • Register on the CRM MIS platform
  • Get the activation code
  • Login to your account 

Step 3: Get paid

Once your survival fund application is verified, you will get the payment under the program.


Beneficiaries of the survival fund program, including artisans, self-employed, transport workers, and technicians, are eligible for benefits up to N50,000 from the survival fund. The following are the benefits of this scheme.

  • Collateral free
  • Low-interest rate
  • Fast disbursement within 48 hours 


When should I apply for survivor's benefits?

You have to notice immediately when the person dies. However, you have not reported the death and fill the application for survivor benefits online. Most cases come that funeral homes report the death. You have to give the funeral home the social security number of a deceased person if you want to make a report.

How long does Application Process Take?

The survival fund scheme is implemented for three months to give immediate relief from the economic burden of Covid-19.

How to Check Survival Fund Application Status?

You can easily check the survival fund application status after registration. The steps to check the application status are

  • Visit the survivalfund. ng and log in to your registration page
  • Enter the details that you used during registration 
  • Scroll down and check whether your account is captured or verified; that will mean your application is approved to access survival funds.


Over time, some updates have come on the survival fund program. If you want to get all the updates on time, keep visiting our site regularly. You can also save this page and add it to your bookmark to get the updates as soon as possible. 

You can freely ask us in the comments section if you have any queries about the survival fund application.

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